Product Personalisation


Product Personalisation

Product personalisation is where laser engraving shines, whether it is a simple name on a watch to company details on a control panel. Effectively, to etch details onto a part is a form of personalisation and we are here to fulfil that need.

Product Personalisation

These anodised aluminium components needed safety notes, working details and company logo. To do this by any other method would not only be difficult, but also, not so permanent. Once jigged, every component will be marked in exactly same place with same quality and clarity

Race Technology ( is one of our regular customers. They send us the artwork and the cases; we reply with approval artwork which when signed off clears us to engrave the parts. Once in our system they just send batches of cases which we engrave and send back. This allows them to do what they specialise in, at the same time keeping their overheads down by saving the cost of expensive staff and machinery that otherwise would be sitting idle for six to nine months of the year.

custom p system 391x250 1
Spoon 250x250 1

This spoon was requested by a local card club wanting an inexpensive giveaway for club members, laser engraving on metal was the perfect solution. The club sourced the spoons and brought them for us to etch.

A client came to us wanting shaped blocks laser engraved on wood, periodic table idents were required. We were given detailed sketches of what was required as it was critical that each block was orientated correctly for engraving.

Blocks 391x250 1
Gun Engrave 01 344x250 1
Gun Engrave 02 344x250 1

Something special to personalise this target air pistol was needed.  We designed and engraved the scroll work creating this unique engraving.

Rebecca Woolmington, owner and director of HR Central (, wanted a simple, personalised aid memoir / give-away for her customers. We came up with these simple magnetic bookmarks which have become very popular and great promotional item for her company.

HR Bookmark 391x250 1

However, and whatever your needs, Laser Engraving And Design is here to help. We can serialise manufactured items, put QR codes on medical equipment or just laser etch a company logo onto a piece of equipment. Our repertoire is second to none so even though you may think your request is unusual we have probably been asked for it before. Please feel free to phone or email us with ideas and we will be happy to help.