Laser Engraving

We have both CO2 & fibre lasers which allows us to engrave on more or less any material or surface. Whether it is part/source identification with 0.8mm high text on parts used in the nuclear business, an anodised control panel for control pumps, polycarbonate cover for amplifier or a picture on a piece of slate, we have done it. Each job is special and unique to our clients so please do not hesitate to ask if you cannot see what you require on our site.

Laser Engraving

Any item that is exposed to a radiation source must be traceable, no matter what size and that is typical with this small item here. The area to engrave on meant the text is less than a millimetre high. The details needed to show was area ident, part number and serial number. On the other side is engraved the source the item is subjected to and a radiation symbol.

Here is another example of the variety and range we cover. A promotional company wanted these melon ballers engraved. This shows the details we can get when laser engraved on wood. We made a special jig to hold these so that everyone was exactly the same.

Laser Engraving on Wood
Motorengraved500lines 250x250 1

One customer has a focus in precision engineering and has a requirement to put 500 marker lines on a small electric motor fly wheel which is used in a piece of specialist equipment. This is so that sensors can pick up the rotation to control the speed. We helped in the initial development trials engraving different numbers of lines until they achieved the ultimate design. We now get regular orders on all new motors. The picture shows two flywheels that have been engraved.