FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the frequently asked questions, if your question is not here then please feel free to contact us for more information.


Getting a quote is easy. you can. If you have a good idea of exactly what you want, go to our get a quote page. Or email  us at info@laserman.co.uk or simply can to talk to one of our team who can talk through you requirements.

We don’t have a minimum order but do have a minimum order charge (see current terms and conditions), maximum order size will be quoted on at time based on job and current capacity/availability.

No colours can be created by laser engraving. Colour depends purely on how the material reacts to the laser. Example, various shades of grey can be achieved in steel from light silver through to almost black by varying the power, speed and frequency of the laser.

We have a minimum charge (see current terms and conditions) but as each job is different, we do not have a standard fee. Cost is based on how much artwork and origination is required, the setup and tooling that is needed and how long it takes to engrave each part. Even how long it takes to unpack & repack each part has to be considered as this can sometimes take longer than the engraving.

We allow 10 working days, but most jobs are completed in three to four. This is dependant on size and complication of order but will be confirmed at time of request.

This is part of the service we offer. We can work with thumbnail sketches to full engineering drawings and are happy to help achieve the desired results.

Due to customer confidentiality we cannot divulge who we have completed work for but sectors range from the nuclear business to motor racing industries, high specification yachts and boats to precision engineering businesses and event companies. We have even worked with an individual wanting a watch engraved. Since we started in 2002 there are not many business sectors we haven’t worked with.

Because we have spent the capital on precision lasers, have the engineering background and laser engraving experience, you don’t have to worry about that particular outlay for staff and machinery.

We are in southern Oxfordshire, Nr Wallingford, which is central for all courier services.

Yes, this is something we do with a lot of our customers, some don’t even request a new order, parts just turn up with the couriers, we engrave and send back. With a few of our clientele we keep their unengraved parts and do a call off when required.

No, our machines are designed for cutting organic materials like wood, acrylic, leather etc although we can engrave onto nearly anything.

Yes, our machines are designed for cutting organic materials like wood, acrylic, leather etc.

Although visits can be arranged, we currently can only see people by prior appointment which can be arranged by phone or email.

Yes, but there will be a premium service charge (see terms and conditions).

Yes. We have a minimum charge of £30.00 for ANY job to cover our expenses but that is then incorporated into orders with higher charges.